Tuesday, March 29

A Taste of the French Chef

Eh bien, ma cheri.  I bet you've been inspired to just drop everything and race to the library to grab a copy of My Life in France, or in the very least, to hire out Julie and Julia from the video library.  But I would like to give you a little taste of the real life lovely - Julia Child herself. 

If you are an older one, you would have seen this sort of thing before, but us newbies to the world, (me, at the very least), are just starting to fall in love with this big, ingenuos, enchanting woman.  This is a small taste of her to whet your appetite.  (The French Chef, a snippet from episode 28 - The Potato Show.)

I am in earnest when I say that I very much expect to bawl my eyes out when I've finished My Life in France.  In the short amount of time that I've been reading it, I have fallen so very head over heels in love with Julia and Paul.  The end is going to be the severing between close friends! 

(On a hopeful note, we're starting George Orwell's 1984 in less than a week so grab a copy!)

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  1. They certainly cast well with Merryl Streep!


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