Monday, March 21

I Talk Only to Italians

Our pupils had not had much exposure to wine, and kept making uninformed statements like "Oh, wine, I don't like it."  When Mary Ward said "I never drink red wine; I like only dry white," Paul took it as a personal insult.  "That's like saying, 'I never talk to French people; I only talk to Italians,'" he said.  Then he offered her a glass of red wine he considered quite good, a Chateau Chauvin '29, a flowery, well-rounded Bordeaux.  Mary took one sip and said, "Hey, I never realized wine could taste like that!" 

Chapter 3, Part 5: L'Ecole, My Life in  France. 

Paul's a funny thing, isn't he?  But sweet and accepting and compassionate, as you no doubt will know if you are reading along with me, as I so encourage you to do.  As a matter of fact, you would know that if you'd seen Julie and Julia, the movie by Nora Ephron.  (That is something I am definitely going to do when I finished reading.) 

This passage  is interesting and truthful.  Like so many people about so many things, there just isnt enough openness.  There is nothing I adore more than meeting someone who has seen or read the same thing as me and will discuss it, and tell me what they liked and didn't like.  What I seriously cannot stand is when we've read of seen the same thing but the second party will not take my opinion, but argues their own until I could just hit them with the book itself.  I suppose, though, that I can be like that myself, saying "I don't read modern fiction; just classics."  I guess then that I am also guilty of "only talk(ing) to Italians".  When, oh, when will someone come and show me that modern fiction isn't that dodge after all?  (I don't think anyone will.)

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  1. We are all guilty of that sometime. Until someone offers us a gift - if we are willing & open enough to receive it, in the mutual exchange we can be each enriched & expanded. But some will not be willing for fear of losing something of themselves...


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