Tuesday, March 22

The Jane Austen Scandal

Isn't it just the most typical thing for a girl to be swept away by the enchanting romance of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice?  Is it not absolute scandal for a girl to not have read or not enjoy Jane Austen's work?  Isn't it totally against feminine nature to not be adoring of Elizabeth Bennet? 

Well, I stand here against convention.  In words from my favourite source (You've Got Mail): "I'm a lone reed".  I have read Sense and Sensibility and, don't get me wrong, I tried to find it interesting.  For some reason, however, I just couldn't get into it.  I just didn't enjoy it. 

I am trying to plough my way through Pride and Prejudice, but I am experiencing the exact same dilemma.  It started well, and I contentedly followed for some 60 pages.  I like Elizabeth Bennet.  I don't argue against that.  I think her character is excellent, and Mr Darcy is an intrigue, but oh, how meaningless and drudgenous the talk can be after everything else I've read.  I understand that it is a scandal, but I seriously don't think that I'm a Jane Austen type of girl.  That simple!  I don't find it fascinating.  A good friend of mine once told me, and very firmly, too, that "if you aren't enjoying it, stuff reading it!"  Well, I would, but it's Jane Austen.  To not like Jane Austen is a scandal!  (Then again, if I don't like Jane Austen, won't I feel like such a rebel!)

To go or or not to go on!  That is the question!  Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the long-winded conversations of two people who definitely will get together no matter what...  What dreams may come!

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  1. Dear Book Florist, enjoy being a lone reed. I love your authenticity.


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