Wednesday, October 19

The Book I Never Want to End

It seems that it's becoming increasingly tricky to find the willpower, time and material for a good blog nowadays.  I think it's partially due to the build up of assignments and lethargy surrounding the pointy end of term four, and partially due to the fact that the book I am reading is not terribly quotable.  Like I've said before, you need to take the whole chapter to get the joke.  But boy, regardless of whether they've been bloggable or not, I've been loving the jokes. 

I read several chapters of James Herriot's All Things Bright and Beautiful when I was on the train into the city this afternoon.  James writes each chapter as a story in itself, and because he was actually there, and it actually happened to him, often many years ago, he is not only capable of giving you a good story, but he is able to give you a good story with a great ending because he can tell you all about what happened ten to twenty years down the track following on.  It works so unbelievably well, and sometimes the things that life throws him are so priceless that I even burst out laughing on the train. 

He totally gets my style of humour.  Maybe I'm not the greatest at dishing it up, but taking it, I'm a sucker for Herriot's anecdotes.  He is utterly hilarious in a very sincere, authentic and refreshing way.  It is the book that I never want to end.


  1. You know there's days with blogging when you simply dont want to say anything about anything. Which is fine because then there will be something you'll really want to write about later. I dont really get people who write an entry a day just for the sake of keeping it updated. Which doesn't make any sense.

    Which is why I love your blog. Whenever I read something here, it is so thoroughly thought about, and so genuinely felt and expressed that I dont really mind if there's a dip in the number of quotes or whatever. And as long as you're reading Herriot, you've got two thumbs way up from me! :) Cheerio!

  2. Oh, and I wrote a comment on your blog a couple of weeks ago, but for some reason it didn't show up, it was about the school captain position, so I'll just say it here again.

    I think having friends like that is more important than winning any position or any prize. I was absolutely delighted to read your post and the way you wrote about the people who did get in. You are one of the most genuine people I know, Book Florist! I am really, really glad I found your blog, my dear girl. :)

  3. Oh! Oh thankyou so much! It took me a couple of minutes to get over my blush and grin enough to type! That is unbelievably sweet of you. You know what, when I started blogging, I hoped that I would find a couple of really lovely people through it, and I certainly have. Your comment definitely made my day! xoxo

  4. Oh dear, I feel I am one of those who blogs for the sake of blogging! Unfortunately I am a "speak before you think" kind of person which gets me into all sorts of pickles but I can't change who I am so I'm just rolling with it!

    I agree with what Tangled up in Blue said; your posts are always so well considered! I wish I could write so thoughtfully like you do; it feels like there is a mushy madness in my head most of the time! xxxx


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