Monday, March 28

The Importance of People

"Remember: 'No once's more important than people'!"  In other words, friendship is the most important thing - not career or housework, or one's fatigue - and it needs to be tended and nurtured. 

Chapter 6, Part 5: La Peetch, My Life in France.

The simplest of all Julia's many messages, and needless to say, powerful.  My dears, I have just come home from performing as part of an assessment for my drama studies, and I don't think that I have ever been more in tune with how much I love my friends.  No matter what I say, or do, I am the luckiest little goose on the planet - my friends are the most beautiful people!  Your smiles, your hugs, your gritty smirks and rude giggles have made me feel so loved.  Not one of you probably realize how much I enjoy your company, but I do.  I go to bed at night and want to cry just thinking about that lovely little pat on the back M. gave me or that laugh J. had when I told her about it!  O., K., M., M., J., A., S., S., T., H., J., M., A., Y., E., and all of the rest of the alphabet, thankyou.  I feel worthwhile.  It's 90% your fault!


  1. Aww. This is so wonderful!

    And, may I suggest "My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult for your list of 100 Books to Read Before You Die? It's one of my favourites!

  2. Thanks for commenting, and more importantly, suggesting a book! "My Sister's Keeper" is up on our list! Give your friends a "wink-wink nudge-nudge" to add to it too!

  3. Blue Roses...ahaha, that's what he always called me!March 30, 2011

    Oh my gosh this is TOTALLY AWESOME! Your blogs are amazing and I love the blog about the friends and how much you love us. Ahahahaha to your comment about M. patting you on the back. And the drama performance was fantastical! Congratulations to you and everyone else in our class. And here are two suggestions for the "100 Books to read before you die" collection. First of all I love any type of book, but some of my favourites are the Obernewtyn series by Isobelle Carmody. I've only read the first two books but that is only because I haven't found the third yet...and my sister said they were really good so you should add them. And you should definately talk about and add "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett. You told me it was really good and a few other people have said the same, so I am reading it at the momement.
    Anyway, keep up the good work!
    And bye bye for now.

  4. Ah-ha! The Secret Garden is beautiful! I went ballistic after reading it and HAD TO HAVE flowers!


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