Thursday, March 17

Say Cheese!

Madame was a whiz at judging the ripeness of cheese.  If you asked for a Camembert, she would cock an eyebrow and ask at what time you wished to serve it: would you be eating it for lunch today, or at dinner tonight, or would you be enjoying it a few days hence?  Once you had answered, she'd open several boxes, press each cheese intently with her thumbs, take a big sniff, and - voila! - she'd hand you just the right one.  I marveled at her ability to calibrate a cheese's readiness down to the hour, and would even order cheese when I didn't need it just to watch her in action.  I never knew her to be wrong. 

Chapter 1, Part 4: Ali-Bab.  

Isn't this a beautiful picture? 

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