Monday, October 17

A Moment of Being

I've been daydreaming a bit today.  I've been watching music videos.  Not because I like the songs exactly, but because certain music videos make you drift into reveries.  I would love to make my own movies.  I think, and it seems like my body has actually made this decision already, that I just have got to get myself a video camera.  I don't want to talk and act and sing or whatever else.  I just want to be.  And I want to put all these moments of being into one long feeling of being with a song over the top that reflects what my being is.  Because not only will I then have made a movie of a moment in which I was thinking and feeling something memorable, but I can put in these moments, and force to watch these moments, people that I want to remember.  Yes.  That's definitely what I need to do. 

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  1. I need more time to daydream and do nothing.
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