Saturday, March 12


72 Views!  Six days I've been up today, and already 72 views!  I know who my five followers are, (most of them are related to me), and I can't imagine they've been clicking me up 72 times in six days.  That is ludicrous.  So my train of deduction leads me to suspect there are what we insensitively label 'randoms' going around.  Now that thought has put me in so much suspense! 

Some of you will be interested to know that I finished reading To The Lighthouse on Thursday, and began reading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald last night.  It won't be too long before I have something to say.  Actually, check that.  I do have something I might mention.  If any one is thinking about reading something by Virginia Woolf, I will enourage them heartily not to be daunted by her style.  I'm very aware that it can be quite hard to 'get into' it at the start, but once you allow yourself to settle down, and you stop trying to make sense of everything, all of a sudden, you will get it.  Then it just flows.  Her style is a very strange, but wonderful thing.

Also, Virginia Woolf is really good for reading aloud.  Her sentences are very long, and are often interjected into by bracketted comments, which can be disorientating if you're concentrating really hard.  If you're finding it difficult to read, read it aloud, let yourself use the commas to pause for emphasis and I'm confident that you'll find it much easier to understand and more comfortable to read.  I think reading Virginia Woolf aloud to somebody would be one of the funnest things I could do.

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