Monday, March 7

Shall We Begin?

Everyone says that the first blog is the hardest.  Of course it is.  The key, they say, is to state all the things that I aim to achieve through the publishing of a blog.  Well, I reply, I would like people to get to know me better. 

THEY: Yes, what else? 
ME: Oh, also, I would like to encourage people to read classic literature. 
THEY: Indeed, that's a good one; is there anything else? 
ME: Well yes, I would like to journey through the books I read and share with people the things that deeply delight me. 
THEY: Genius!  Now put it into words.

Here lies my dilemma.  I could wrack my brains for creativity that is finally and frankly not home at the moment, or I could present the situation to you in exactly the light it has occurred to me.  There you go.  Here is the first oppertunity for me to lie to you, but in all honesty, my dears, I'll start being creative tomorrow.  Tonight, I'm just bothered with beginning. 
So shall we?


  1. Dear Book Florist! I'm looking forward to experiencing the beauty & aroma of your creative bouquets, as you arrange & display them. Thanks, in anticipation, for sharing with me (& the world) the wonder & beauty of both books & yourself.

  2. Hey great job!
    Can't wait to read more! lol
    anywhoo see you tomorrow :D


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