Wednesday, March 16

My Life in France

Well, last night at 9:30, I finished The Great Gatsby, and I'm missing it already, to tell you the truth.  But, I'm onto another book, in true reader style.  (Please, my dears, read the book and we'll all watch the new movie when it comes out.  We'll hold a count down closer to the date.) 

The new book is Julia Child's My Life In France.  For those who have watched the charming and glorious movie, Julie and Julia, you will recognize this book as being Julia Child's side of the story.  I adored the movie, and so am reading the book.  Maybe for some of you, this will be more up your ally, so if you can, why don't you join me in reading it?  I think that it will be a heart-warming journey, if Meryl Streep was anything to judge by!  And please, my dears, don't forget to contribute to our list of 100 Books to Read Before You Die!

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