Tuesday, March 22

Glorious Julia!

It was such fun!  And I learned so much by teaching.  I would have gladly paid Solange for the chance to teach pate feuilletee rather than vice versa. 

Chapter 3, Part 6: Le Prince, My Life in France.

While we're here, here is a picture of Julia in her kitchen.  After reading a thing like that, I just GET why I want to be a teacher - I'm going to really enjoy doing English and Drama and I'll learn so much, about the subjects, and of course myself.  Also just that Julia felt this way makes me love her all the more - she was teachable, passionate and humble, all without loosing an inch of herself!  Glorious Julia!  Isn't she just screaming bon appetite at life?

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  1. Sounds like she has learned the joy of giving of herself, which in return gifts her back - what a beautiful transaction! Thanks Book Florist for giving the gift of yourself to us, your readers.


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