Saturday, March 26

Simca, La Super-Francaise

Simca was a strong girl with a good work ethic.  I began to call her La Super-Francaise, because she so typified a dynamic, self-reliant, bullheaded kind of Frenchwoman that I admired.  Even when sick, she's equip her bed like and office, with a telephone, typewriter, piles of books, and stacks of papers.  She's sit ther like a queen, calling out to her visitors, planning meals, and correcting manuscript pages. 

Chapter 3, Part 6: Soup, My Life in France.

Julia and Simca
Simca sounds like a funny bird, does she not?  I cannot help but like her - the way Julia portrays her as such a confident woman, with a purpose and a plan - quite a model, really, in a way. 

My dears, please don't forget to suggest a book for the Top 100 Books to Read Before You Die list!  And if you would like to join me in reading 1984 in maybe... a week or so's time, I totally encourage you!  Maybe you would like to get it ready this week.  We don't have heaps left to go on My Life in France.

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  1. Dear Book Florist,
    What's the favourite book you've read in the last year?


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