Friday, August 5

You Must Not Lose Your Streak of Madness

New establishment on my school captain speech.  I've decided to sing it.  And play ukelele while doing so. 

Now is definitely not the time to judge me, because it has taken me all day to be completely happy with the idea, but I think that doing it this way will be beneficial for me in several manners. 

Firstly, the kids will actually notice my speech.  I think that it will be a very good thing for boosting the student votes.  And I actually don't believe that the teacher votes will be negatively affected, because they know me so well that a moment of fun will be just a nice balance. 

Secondly, if I don't get the role, I can go down happy and satisfied, rather than being plagued with feelings of regret at my efforts, or competetiveness.  If I get up and sing a song, have fun, be sincere, say I will try to listen so that they, as individuals, can come together and express themselves, excel, and grasp the oppertunities given them,  then really I've done my best and risked a lot, and will obviously understand what excuse the teachers have for not giving it to me.  I can step back down again or straight up to the role with a lot more comfort.  It's like a happy cushion. 

Thirdly, won't it be a story to tell!!


  1. Hahaha! Sounds like a positivly excellent idea! Hope it all goes to plan!

  2. Thanks, and you will definitely get to hear how it went. Only two days to go from today!

  3. Haha, will hear more than how it went i assure you! ~ This is anonymous just incase you were wondering.


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