Wednesday, January 4

Anticipation for Exploration

Oh the joys of going to the library!  I experienced this very unusual, somewhat scary feeling of desire last night as I was preparing to go to bed after a day of partying for my little sister's birthday.  I wanted more than anything to learn something new. 

I used to be a huge non-fiction reader - non-fiction however was limited to animal encyclopaedias, veterinary journals and dog care manuals.  Last night I wanted to study for the sake of learning, and I wanted to study something completely different. 

So today, while my mum did some last minute birthday shopping for my birthday tomorrow, I went across the road to the library and did some shelf-searching.  I picked up and made a spontaneous pile of whatever triggered my sudden interest, and oh the things that I found!  I brought home a two foot high, several kilograms heavy pile of colossal hard-cover books - books on language, etiquette, 100 beautiful kitchens, flowers, deep sea creatures and sailing myths, the complete world history of the middle ages, and world photography. 

I am utterly excited, and my anticipation and exhilaration is fueled also by the fact that I'm having to stop for lunch before I'm allowed to disappear to my room to peruse these books.  I think after my birthday, I'll have to tell you all about what I've learnt.

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