Monday, August 15

Singing in a Sardonic Shower

My bathroom, just in general, is currently not being very nice to me.  The light is blown and it is a game of waiting that no amount of polite reminding can hasten.  My 'regime' includes a daily/every second daily shower to wash my hair.  I don't have time to do this in the morning, so my general practice is to do it just before or straight after dinner, after three or more hours of assignment work/blogging/reading etcetera etcetera. 

Now.  Surely you have noticed the Dilemma.  My light is blown.  This means that if I have a shower after 5:00 in the afternoon, I am showering in nearly complete dark.  And I seriously dislike the idea of being naked shut in a glass box full of water in the dark.  There is something a lot less than appealing about this idea.  So now my afternoon routine is lopsided, which irks me. 

Oh, while we're on the topic, I'd also like to add that my shower door doesn't close properly, and only one of the three panels can still roll in its little sliding track, so that you have to manoeuvre this and squeeze through the gap to even get in.  And then, once you're inside, trusty ol' gas heated water system has an absolute field day spraying you with searing hot and chillingly cold water at intervals.  My shower is an extremely kind-hearted, old thing, as you can doubtless see. 

I was never a fan of the "singing in the shower" stereotype, but this year has been an awakening for me on that topic.  Why wouldn't you sing in the shower?  The glass doors and the rushing water act as a barrier against eavesdropper's ears, and the box itself has terrific acoustics. 

This last month, my favourite Shower Tunes have been:
  • Walking on Sunshine (Katrina and the Waves)
  • Wouldn't it be Nice (Beach Boys)
  • Good Vibrations  (Beach Boys)
  • Pocket full of Sunshine  (can't remember, but I only know the chorus anyway)
  • Take a Chance on Me  (ABBA)
  • Slipping Through My Fingers (ABBA)
  • Honey Honey (ABBA)
  • Mamma Mia  (ABBA)
  • The Safety Dance  (Men With/Without Hats?)
  • Wuthering Heights (Great Britain Ukelele Orchestra version!!!)
  • Just You and Me (Zee Avi)
And probably heaps more that aren't jumping into my mind right now.  What are your favourites?

Oh, and before I forget, there is an inexcusibly funny reference to Lord of the Rings in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine film.  There's an old couple driving their ute back to their farm house (soon to find Hugh Jackman completely nude in their barn after escaping the bad guys), and there is a sticker on their back window reading: "Not all who wander are lost".  Made me smile. 

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