Tuesday, August 9

A Perfect Anne Shirley Moment

Well.  The school captain candidate speeches were today.  I sang my speech with the help of my ukelele, and I feel that I couldn't have done anything better, given the circumstances.  I was surprised and delighted by the amount of response that I got afterwards, and I was constantly approached by people throughout the day, some of whom I do not know at all, wishing me 'well done' and telling me how cool they thought it was.  It was very lovely, and I'm so pleased that I was even game enough to go through with it.  I'm pretty chuffed.  Actually, I'm  very chuffed.  Hang it all, I dare to be extremely chuffed.  (I have my beautiful, rapscallion friends to blame for it all - without them I couldn't, and wouldn't, have done it.) 

But I would just like to put out there, also, that the other speeches were great, most better than I expected, and I'm so proud of them all for not conking out and what's more, for actually do extremely well. 

I think that it's quite amazing how good it feels to have finally emerged at the other end of this crazy rabbit hole.  There's nothing left to think about really, because it's entirely out of our hands.  The votes will go in, the three highest will be shortlisted for interviews and after the interviews and teacher votes have gone through, two school captains and two vice captains will be announced.  There is not an ounce of effort that can be put in by anyone until we find out who's been shortlisted.  So we can happily congratulate ourselves and feel relieved.

You know what?  I'm having a bit of a little dream for the future...  In Anne of Green Gables when Anne is at Queen's college and is waiting anxiously to learn the "who had won the medal and who the Avery" - she hides away and tells Jane to please read the announcements and tell her quickly and brutally whether she got one or not.  But then, there is a procession of students down the hall crying out, "Hurrah for Blythe, the medallist!" and then "Three cheers for Miss Shirley, winner of the Avery!".  And so she, the girl we love so much, wins one, and Blythe, the boy Anne sort of hates, but we all know will end up loving, wins the other.  And it was such a wonderful moment.  I wish I could find out just like that - getting the girl's position and my first-preference boy getting the boy's position.    That would be just the perfect Anne Shirley moment to top everything off with!

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  1. That is so exciting! I can't believe you sung your speech to a ukelele, you are the coolest :) I love that part in Anne of Green Gables, I hope it works out that way!!! Good luck :) xoxo

    ps. We're reading Norwegian Wood in the Reading Room at the moment.


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