Friday, August 19

Blinded by the Truth

Please my dears, don't expect to hear a peep from my tomorrow.  I'm participating in the 40 Hour Famine this weekend, to raise money for the needy in East Timor by going without something for forty hours.  I have chosen to go without my sight.  Most people go without food, or talking, or technology and other things like that, but last time, when I went without technology and furniture at the same time, I managed to raise only $5.  Obviously, that seemed like a fairly poor effort.  My idea was that going without something crazy like sight would be cooler, and then more people will sponser me, but I proved that theory wrong.  I mean, $35 ish isn't bad at all, but I had a much more ambitious goal.  Ah well, every dollar counts and all the five cent pieces eventually add up. 

Anyway, I start at 8 o'clock tonight.  It goes until midday on Sunday.  I got myself a sleeping mask to effectively keep me from peeking, but obviously, the whole business will keep me from peeping too.  I won't be blogging, or studying (silent praise), working (silent praise x2), reading or movie watching.  I will be sitting about in my room, listening to audio books, (once my neighbour comes home so I can wrangle her for her collection), listening to music and talking to whatever friends of mine are home to call me. 

I can't say I'm going to have fun, but I think it will force me to take a valuable time out.  Thinking.  What about?  We'll see.  We'll also see how many things I manage to break/run into/trip on etcetera.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Wow, going without sight is such a challenge! But I love that interpretation of famine, even though it would be soo hard for me to do. When faced with the question "Would you rather be deaf or blind?" I'd definitely go with deaf. I'm just such a visual person...


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