Tuesday, August 30

Shamelessly Skinny-Dipping

My dog is a ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, which is, in my opinion, one of the lovliest looking small dogs ever invented.  She's bright red in a slightly blonder way than an Irish Setter, with saucer-sized chocolate button eyes, a perky little smirk and a feather-duster tail.  She has the funniest personality, like the charm of a talkative toddler caught in a bottle.  She prances rather than trots and shambles rather than walks and her enchanting ways and whims and mannerisms are utterly delightful. 

One of my earliest photos of her. 
She really doesn't look much different now, just taller.
(No more maturity however.) 

Her name, unimaginatively enough, is Ruby.  She cops nicknames like:

1.  Rootbeer
2.  Rubix Cube
3.  Roo-busy
4.  Roobzy
5.  Roo-ble
6.  Boobzy
7.  Roobz
8.  Timothy (when she's wearing her yellow banana sweater Dad says she looks like a Timothy or a James)
9.  Dogger
10.  Puppydoggy
11.  Dog-Dog
12.  Nub-Nub  (after a Star War's Ewok endearment...?)
13.  Ziggerette
14.  Wooble
15.  Woobley

Yes, we compensate well enough for the unimaginative name. 

But alas, imagine my horror when I came home one day to find she'd been taken to the doggy-parlour and shaved.  And not all over so as to create the effect of puppyness.  No.  Head, front legs and tail were left on like those awful cats you see made fun of in lolcats photos.  Uuuughh. 

She's cute still, but in a kind of awkward, slightly embarrasing way.  She is so skinny and fragile now, with such a big, fluffy, baby face, and her rolls of  puppy skin that somehow she never grew into are so lovely and funny.  She seems nearly more fragile now, because she's so skinny and short-haired.  We put her into her yellow banana sweater to keep her warm, but it looks ridiculous on her now, if it didn't before.  Major fashion faux pas.  Really wrong.  Really embarrassing to look at. 

She's got a bit of a phobia of thunder, and as it was storming this afternoon, she huddled herself up in the corner of the kitchen while we put away after dinner.  We eventually went our own ways to finish homework, watch TV etcetera, but when I came back to make another cup of tea, there she was, still in the corner, with one leg out of her sweater and the other one caught up inside like a stubby yellow peg leg, and she beseeched my compassion with her saucer-big eyes. 

The funniest part, though, is the new nicknames she's starting to cop. 

1.  Skinny Magee
2.  Gillette (after Gillette raxor blades of course)  and then, my all time favourite...

Skinny Dip. 

It was all worth the mortification for that one. 

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