Monday, August 8

Cliffhangers and Cadbury

I'm delighted to profess that my last few days have been pretty lovely.  First of all, someone I really wanted to follow my blog finally did.  You might have noticed.  He has a very thoughtful and clever username.  (Let's just hope that this is one of the posts that he'll neglect to read.)  Then I made cupcakes for my best friend's birthday morning tea and got to eat the excess freckles that I bought for decoration, (not to mention lick two bowls of icing, a beater and two spoons and humanely end the misery of two very deformed cup cakes who definitely wouldn't have made it...)  Then, I got to sing my best friend the birthday tribute song that I wrote for her (and it went extremely well... after I discovered that the introduction I had begun playing was actually for an entirely different song).  And there was plenty of chocolate involved - chocolate cupcakes, chocolate icing, chocolate freckles on top of my cupcakes, and then Cadbury to top it off.  Three whole blocks of it that we shared amongst ourselves.  That in itself was wonderful. 

But also, this lovely day started out off with an English lesson that I will probably never forget.  I will try to explain it, but this might require some mental stretching on your part. 

1.  We were divided into groups of four, and each person in that group was given a number (1, 2, 3, 4.)

2.  Each person was given a corresponding sentence.  Sentence 1. was along the lines of Bradley shrieked and ran....  Sentence 2. was along the lines of "Oh no!" said Kayla.  Sentence 3. was along the lines of "Quick!  Stop!" Tyler said.  And sentence 4. was along the lines of "Why?" Samantha sobbed

3.  Each person then had five minutes to start writing a short story with their sentence as the starting point.  They had to finished writing with a cliffhanger, so that the next person in their group could continue from that hanging point. 

4.  When the five minutes was up, that person would pass their story onto the next and that person would continue writing, ending also with a cliffhanger. 

5. The fourth rotation is different.  This fourth and final person has the job of completing and resolving the story. 

Now, this was fuel for the grossly bubbling brains of us four little writers.  Never before have I enjoyed English so much.  There was a great deal of laughing and "oh my gosh, you're kidding"ing because of the strange, grotesque, funny, and brilliant things that worked their way into those stories. 

We actually ended up with four very similar, fairly dark, but fantastically interesting short stories.  Funnily enough, all four of them involved dying in some way.  One was nearly being stabbed on a film set.    One was dying a slow but romantic death after falling through the floor of a burning house.  One was being stabbed by an undercover agent while parachuting.  And the last was being brutally torn to shreads by a giant wolf.  Hmmm.  That says a lot about teens nowadays, doesn't it? 

But seriously, it was one of those times when you think, if you just stopped now and never did anything else, and the world ended, you would be so extremely pleased with yourself, because I don't think that I've ever really felt so wonderfully excited about writing like that and of course, to laugh in that little, lovely four was by far the lovliest of all. 


  1. I feel most pleased to have made your blog, i must say! Though i apologise for my lack of negligence, it would appear as though this time i was supposed to? Hahaha

    Hope tomorrow goes as well as today - with the speech and all!

  2. Oh hey! You have that big speech tomorrow? Good luck! Dazzle 'em! :D

  3. Oh, and you're welcome! I find your blog quite is wonderful to read that someone is that passionate about literature. Out here, in my college, people really don't find the time for it, or merely lack the inclination.

    So, you'll be getting a ton more of my comments. Good luck, again!

  4. oh, and love the Groucho Marx quote. It's one of my favourite ones!

  5. It is a great quote, isn't it? It's such great wit!

    ("Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read," - Groucho Marx.)

    Yes, well, I love receiving your comments and I can't wait to reveal all about my speech tonight. So thanks for the encouragment! Take care.


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