Wednesday, August 24

Bitten on the Bum

Assignments assignments assignments!  Oh the horror of being a student! 

My extreme case of burn-out last term I think has led me to be very lazy this term.  My teacher always warns us of our assessment coming and "biting us on the bum" if we don't jump to it lickety split, and I've never been in that position before.  But everything has slipped past me this time.  My reality only caught up with me the last couple of days, and I have a draft due tomorrow, an exam on Monday, two exams on Wednesday, and exam and an assignment due on Thursday and another exam on Friday, not to mention two exams sometime during the week following that.  And I am not ready. 

Getting my draft together for tomorrow has been stressful, but a routine of cheerfully chatting to myself and refilling my cup of tea every quarter hour has helped me to get down almost a full draft, and note the questions that I have for that class's teacher.  But there is still so much to think about. 

I'm never a leave it to the day before, or even the week before kind of person at all.  Usually, even two or three weeks before this point I would be devoting up to four hours in the afternoon and evening studying, but there has been an uncanny lack of motivation and drive behind my efforts.  What is it?  Will my rebound from the next holidays be any better?  I just want to be my usual springy, satisfied self.  I'm getting a taste of typical teenagerhood.  Night before assignment work.  I'm not programed to cope with this sort of routine! 

Anyway, Friday will reveal the shortlist for school captaincy.  Is there something else I'm excited for?  Not really, no, I don't think so.  There's so much anticipation in the air!

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  1. I am definitely a leave it til the last minute person... I think that if you often get things done early, then that's the kind of person you are :) I don't think you have to worry, it's just an unusual semester :) And crossing my fingers that you get the school captain position!!!


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