Friday, August 26

Three Very Funny Things

OK.  I think it would be a cruel injustice if I was to neglect to tell you about school captaincy, so I'll hurry up and get it out.  They didn't tell us.  They just completely failed to tell us at all.  But when I went and asked about it, they said that the teachers hadn't gotten their votes in on time, and so they'd let us know early next week, hopefully Monday and Tuesday.  It's very unsatisfying, though, isn't it?  It was such an anti-climax, especially after all the suspense and anticipation.  Ah well. 

I've noticed three very funny things about myself just in the last few hours, and even though I have a passage from Tender is the Night that I could share, somehow I feel more like talking about this. 

The first very funny thing is that while I have been typing up this post, I have been battling the urge to embellish every noun with a great, big, flowery adjective.  As in, every noun I come across I have literally had to fight myself to resist adding a "tremendously", "insurmountable", "profoundly" before it.  I was going to say "profoundly unsatisfying" before, and "tremendously funny things" and "insurmountable urge".  Why on earth am I doing that for?  That doesn't usually happen.  I'm beginning to feel very Anne Shirley. 

The second very funny thing is that just in the last little while, I've begun to adopt some of my brother's little mannerisms.  For one, he saying "pouping" before a word in place of "freakin'" eg.  "that was pouping cool", or "it's pouping cold today" etcetera etcetera.  I've noticed that I've said that a few times this week, and I don't recall ever having used it before.  The other things is that I've started to laugh like him.  Not the sound, duration or manner of laughing, but just this thing that he does half way through a laugh where he momentarily scrunches his eyes tight shut.  Since when have I started doing that?  I didn't even notice that he did it.  It's uncanny.  It's like what they say - couples begin to resemble each other. 

The final very funny thing is that I've been crying a bit more than usual.  I'm not fully angst and emotional and hormonal.  But I've enjoyed a couple of very relieving, albiet very short, little cries in the last three days, and I've really liked how relieving they've been.  There has certainly been a mixture of contributers: assignment I hate, sad part in movie, romantic part in movie, anti-climax, appreciation of best friend.  It's probably just a girl thing, right?  I don't mind it at all.  And it's not a constant thing, either, anyway.  It just helps to kind of go "uughhh crappety crap crap crap" and then be done with it.  Two minutes is all it took on the aforementioned occasion.  And then I'm a happy chappy again.  Gosh.  Not too much information?  How about you?


  1. First of all, aww, Anne! Love her! :D
    And that habit, once acquired, is hard to get rid of..I do that, too, a lot of the time, use elaborate adjectives which are more often than not, rather unnecessary. (I had to really resist the urge to type out 'incredibly unnecessary' here.) But well, you have to admit, it is funnn! :D

    And as for the second thing, I've seen that very same thing so many times. And lots of brothers and sisters have the same smile, the same mannerisms, and the same quirks. My brother and I both do this exact same silent, vibrating with laughter thing when we're really tickled about something.

    And crying can be cathartic, I must have shed buckets watching I Am Sam last night!

    Oh, and good luck with those results. Hope they're out real soon!

  2. Oh, and I'd really like that passage you think you could have shared. :) Please do!

  3. Haha, and thankyou. I certainly will put a passage up today. I've got a few waiting in a queue for whenever I'm ready for them. Look out for it!


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