Tuesday, April 19

Straighten Up and Fly Right

Brace yourselves, my dears!  Part 3 is a doozy!  In a couple of days, those of you who were reading along will all be finished and we can move on completely.  But now that we are in the final stages of 1984, and nearing the very end, I would love to hear what your thoughts have been on this book, on the process of reading along, and the way that I am interacting with you.  What would you like to see me do, or god forbid, stop doing!  I want to get a better idea of what it is that I'm trying to achieve, and what it is that will be fun for both you and I. 

Bouquets of Sharpened Pencils is not restricted to being the ramblings of a reading addict, and I'm going to try to develop it a bit more.  More anecdotes.  More funny, little, sweet, nice things that will be worth your while to hear.  And I think that this development is going to work both ways.  I am going to develop Bouquets, and you my dear followers, can retaliate by sharing your general thoughts, anecdotes, recommendations, reviews etcetera.  They are going to be extremely valued here - another flower or branch in our bouquet. 

I really have noticed that I've dawdled from my original intentions, and become really extremely hard core focused on reading.  So lets freshen up, finish this damn book, talk about it and MOVE ON.


  1. Sorry, 1984 got the better of me. I'm looking forward to what you've got up your sleeve for 2011!

  2. I completely failed at buying 1984, oops. I have definitely enjoyed your posts though, I love how you really think about the layers between the story, not just the words written.
    What's the next book on the list? I'll definitely get my act together for that!


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