Wednesday, April 20

The Curious Case of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Well, my dears, if I'm finished reading 1984, and you're finished reading 1984, how about we move on?  But before we do, I have some fantastic and gut-wrenchingly incredible news to impart! 

Last night The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was on TV, and I watched it (my second time).  Now for those who haven't seen it, although it is one of the saddest stories ever written, it has an unbelievably interwoven plot line that perks and falls and just rivetts you with astounding moments of realization, despair and delight, over and over, so that at the end the reader/writer's only annoyance is that they hadn't written it themselves!  Well, right at the end before the bulk of the credits began to roll, flashing up on the screen were three words that I could barely see because I was crying like a...  I don't even know what!  But because I was crying, I didn't know whether or not I had really seen those words, and went to sleep wondering if it was possible. 

I searched it all this morning.  Based on the short story by... 

F. Scott Fitzgerald.

(He first published in Colliers magazine May 27, 1922.) 
Now I feel like a really bad reader.  Oh the guilt, with a sneaking hint of frantic joy!  F. Scott Fitzgerald, currently up there in my top three favourite authors, the author of The Beautiful and Damned, and The Great Gatsby, has written what is to me an epiphany of wonderful stories and I hadn't even realized!  What is wrong with me?  But nevertheless, it is an AMAZING discovery.  I am now more in love with him than ever.  How is it legal for there to be so much talent in one person's head?  Well, I am absolutely bereft of words powerful enough to describe my excitement and happiness! 

I think that you all will just have to watch it, or read it then watch it.  From a reader's point of view, I adore it.  It reminds me of so many beautiful things that I've seen and heard and read, like the merging of a thousand memories into one film.  And to think that it's all our dear beloved Fitzgerald's fault for it!


  1. Just love your title for your today's post! Yes, what a beautiful movie. It seems rare for a movie to do justice to a good book. I am intrigued to know what the original short story is like? Could it be that it is even better? In this case, one dares hope so!

  2. I love the original short story!!! I hated the movie though. That's the problem with reading a story then watching a movie, the movie could never live up to it.

  3. I'm going to have to get up and read the original story soon, aren't I? I completely get that movies never do justice, but as I haven't read it, I couldn't pick any holes. The most recent Narnia movie, though, frustrated me so much for that very reason! It was dodgy in every way, and they completely messed up the story line. It was such a great book, and now everyone will think it is just as dodgy as the movie. I hate that.

    Anyway, can't wait to read it. I bet it will be just wonderful. Fitzgerald is wonderful, after all.


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