Wednesday, April 27

Frustrated with Fairlie

There have been few times that I have been really truly utterly FRUSTRATED with a character.  My first time was in Wuthering Heights, and I was exasperated with Linton Heathcliffe, to the extent that I wanted to scratch his sickly, pathetic eyes out with my fingernails!  Even just remembering his little vile words, so full of death and revolting pride and blatant lack of even the tiniest drop of empathy, and I want to clench my fists.  Good on Emily Bronte for getting me so emotionally involved.  And now, my second and last time to be frustrated, I am hardly involved in The Woman in White at all, (I've been thinking of other things), and I feel that Mr. Fairlie is just the most miserly, pathetic, grovelling old dirtbag ever brought to life!  Oh I hate him!  I'm sorry, but I really needed to unload some exsasperation! 


  1. Well at least the character is making an impact & provoking a strong emotional response. Do you think that's the author's intent?

  2. Yes, I really do believe that both Wilkie Collins and Emily Bronte had sneaky designs for making me more emotionally connected, and I assure you, they have done so with such wit and perfect building up that I just fell into their little net! They are so incredibly clever! Have you ever felt like this?

  3. I hated Heathcliffe!! I love how she used that to make us more involved with the story.
    But the character I hate the most was not meant to be hated. I LOATHE D'Artagnan from the Three Musketeers. Yes, he was the hero and all, but he was a sexist, rude and arrogant. Not to mention he basically sexually assaulted a woman in the story...

  4. Ha! I'm not acquainted with D'Artagnan, but Heathcliffe and his horrid son, Linton, I absolutely abhor! They were so pathetic, uncompassionate, and merciless! I can't believe that they could have just sit and ruin Catherine's entire life with such peacefullness. Uuggh! Emily Bronte is so clever and such an incredible writer, isn't she? I'm so sorry she didn't write any other books in her lifetime. Her talent is extreme.


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