Tuesday, April 12

The Godsent eBook

Well, my dears, if we're all presently on track, we should be beginning Part 2 today, or tomorrow, or in some of your cases, even a week's time, in which case I would trying to avoid reading the excerpts, as your appetites might be spoiled!  I've come to understand, however horrified that I am, that for some of you, the principle issue is not in keeping up, but in finding a copy!  The dratted library!  Going out of their way to inconvienience us whenever possible!  It's very uncool, I know. 

Anyhow, to combat this problem, I have found a good, helpful, easy-to-use site from which you could download the ebook version for free, (and not get imprisoned for it which is undoubtedly a bonus.)


This link will take you straight to where you can download 1984.  You will find that on the right hand (or on your other-left) side of the screen, there will be two download options: 1-Page Version and 2-Page Version

I would recommend you right click the 1-Page Version (smaller file and just as easy to read) and select a save option to download it.  Now this copy has the chapters and the page numbers etcetera etcetera that you would want, as I am very aware that some absolutely arrogant sites don't break up the chapters, so that you are constantly confused.  Completely out of spite.  Hopefully for those of you who would like to read but can't get your hands on a copy, this will be very useful.  If not, at least you've found a site that may come in handy in later life. 

Anyway, coming back onto topic of the book itself, I am very pleased, and yet surprised too, to inform you that there has been a sudden and unexpected plot twist.  So I am now in a state of renewed suspense!  I'm am more hooked now than ever.

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