Thursday, April 21

Great Gatsby Mansion Bites the Dust

I found this site yesterday, and was once again blown away.  Not only is F. Scott Fitzgerald once again brought up, but here is yet another ridiculous example of how small the world is.  I adore intertextual references - when one person was at the same place as somebody else and did something with someone rather and was the something to somebody... often confusing, but amazing.  Read this and even watch the clip if you feel like it.

This is the mansion that allegedly inspired Fitzgerald's renowned novel, The Great Gatsby.  Now think about Albert Einstein, the Wright Brothers, Oscar Wilde and Fitzgerald all attending parties here.  And now it's gone.  Well, what a ridiculous little world this is.  How on Earth did all these incredible people possibly contrive to seek out the same house?  And now it is gone, and isn't that just typical?


  1. All through college and my interships in theatre they would warn us how small the world really is, and there are so many stories like this out there!

  2. It is amazing, isn't it?! I need to find this source again, which said something along the lines of five different famous classic authors being on the same relay team! Man, I have got to find that again! It was just too hilarious!


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