Sunday, April 24

Bad Book Dreams

Well, I think the holidays are starting to get to me.  I had this dream last night - in it I knew it was the last day of term, and I was sitting contentedly in my math classroom, waiting for the bell that never rang.  Then I realized that everyone was leaving, so I got up and left too, but forgot my bag (which was red for some strange reason, rather than light blue).  And when I finally noticed that I no longer had my bag, I went to look for it and couldn't find it anywhere, and so settled for taking a random travelling suitcase which looked just like mine (and actually was meant to be red), and left.  I got home, and then was shocked to discover that my book had been in my bag, and my bag was lost, and I wasn't going to be able to read at all in the holidays, and it was just horrifying!  Like that scene with the knife and the shower curtain and the peircing, repetitive music!  Oh the horror!  (I don't watch horror movies, by the way - I know this by watching a parody that involved Nick Park's plasticine sheep.)

Anyway, I woke up this morning, immediately clapped eyes on my book which was lying on the shelf less than a foot from my face, and was happy. 

As Joan Didion said: "When I'm near the end of a book, I need to sleep in the same room with it."  Well, I'm not too close to finishing The Woman in White any time soon, I guarantee you (something like 500 pages to go!), but I seem to have this need constantly.  I wonder why...

Happy Easter to you all. 


  1. Interesting. Sounds like books are your life blood...

  2. I have dreams sometimes that I'm knitting something and the needles suddenly disappear or one goes missing and everything I've spent hours on unravels. I feel your pain!

  3. Dear Patchie, we relate to each other very well, don't you agree? I've found it very much the case that whatever's on your mind pops up in your dreams! I hate it when I have great dreams and I wake up and realize that none of it was true, and it's often so disappointing, too, because the dream was so wonderful! Sweet dreams tonight! Take care, The Book Florist.


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