Friday, April 19

Would You Date Kerouac?


One of the page that I have 'liked' on Facebook is the official page for ABC's televised book club, called simply 'The Book Club'.  (While we're talking about 'The Book Club', if you live in Australia, I would hugely recommend catching up with some of the episodes on their website.  They're simply delightful.)  

Back to the point, The Book Club Facebook page regularly sends me lovely little updates sharing links to quirky book-lover things.  Just two days ago, they shared this link:

In my creative writing course, we've talked a lot about Jack Kerouac, laughed at his beautifully posed author profile pictures, and revelled over his radical experimental style in On the Road.  Please do have a read.  The link above will take you straight to the original site.  I really enjoyed reading it, and how his typically wild and rhythmic language was merged with highly stereotyped dating jargon.  It's pretty funny.  Would you go on a date with Jack?  


I'm not so sure that I would go on a date with someone like Jack, but I can think of other writers that I gladly would.  

1)  I would definitely have dated James Herriot, if I had been a country lass in Wales before WWII.  He was always so sweet, sincere, good-humoured, and hard-working.  Even reading All Things Bright and Beautiful now, my poor heart is torn to pieces when he goes to war.  I pity him, laugh with him, sometimes laugh at him, cry for him.  Yes, I definitely have a crush on the late James Herriot.  

2) I would love to know more about the uncannily perfect writer, Jonathan Safran Foer.  His writing is so gorgeous and glorious, it seems like it couldn't possibly have originated from any place less than the profoundest, deepest, most loving soul.  I think it would be incredible to spend some time and actually learn a little more about this incredible writer, be that in the form of a date or just a friendly chat.   

3) I daresay I would have had a crush on both C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein. 

4) I mustn't forget my old love, Colin Dann, with all his animals.  

5) And, oh my, Scott Fitzgerald!  I would have leapt into his arms, devoured his books, and pored over his shoulder as he wrote, balancing a glass of red wine in my fingers.  Oh to be whisked to the 20s!  

So, out of all the writers of every age, who have you had a secret reader's crush on?

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