Saturday, April 6

One Book Challenge - All Things Bright and Beautiful

So, I thought it was about time that I added my own entry to the One Book Challenge, and added my favourite book to the range of prizes.  

The One Book Challenge question:

If you were only allowed to take ONE BOOK with you on a long, round-the-world trip, what book would it be, and why? 

Here is my response:

James Herriot's All Things Bright and Beautiful is definitely the book I would take with me around the world.   
It is a book that I continually return to for my 'happy-shot'.  Any one chapter is a perfect portrait of love and community, full of honesty and laughter, and at times tears.   
Entering at any point of the book, I walk right into the midst of another life where I left off.  Dinner is made, the dog is wagging his tail to see me, and Herriot, his wife Helen, and his friends and neighbours are my family, waiting for me to pull up a chair at the table.   
No matter where I go in the world, this book can be my Home, just as it can be Home even when I'm at home.  It allows me to enjoy everything I would want in a perfect life.  It is my One Book.  

So, don't forget to post your entry in the comments section of the One Book Challenge post.  Just follow the link, and answer the challenge question to be in the running.  

The challenge finishes on Monday the 15th of April so hurry!  The more entries, the greater the range of prizes the winner will have to choose from.  

My One Book is Prize Option 3.  Read more about James Herriot's All Things Bright and Beautiful in some of my old posts.  (The Winds of Change, and In Stitches).  Just follow the links!

Prize Option 3: All Things Bright and Beautiful by James Herriot
(The Book Florist's One Book!)

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