Thursday, April 18

Mateship with Birds

The winner of the first ever Stella Prize was announced today.  The Stella Prize was awarded to one of Australia's great woman writers, Carrie Tiffany, for her novel, Mateship with Birds.  (That's $50, 000 dollars worth of prize money - it's exciting that such a huge appreciation and prestige is placed on our Australian writers!)

Jumping onto the Stella Prize webpage, I had the chance to read a little bit more about this winning word of fiction.  I would recommend you do the same.  The description of Tiffany's meticulous manner of interconnecting every minute detail, and her use of different formats to tell her story including letters, home work, and diaries, is just so intriguing!  It described the work as an exploration of the relationships between people, and with their environment.  I am definitely motivated to read this book.  

By following this link, you can also read Tiffany's interview following her acceptance of this prize.  

If you are passionate about supporting our Australian woman writers, you can donate to the Stella Prize fund, to keep this prize running for many years to come.  

Mateship with Birds by Carrie Tiffany

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