Wednesday, April 3

The 'One Book' Challenge

Hello my dear readers!  It looks like we're going to have a challenge after all!  

In the last few hours there have been several new responses to my Challenge post, so I think that we finally have enough interest to get started!  Yay!


If you were only allowed to take ONE BOOK with you on a long, round-the-world trip, what book would it be, and why?


  • Click on the comments section below this post to leave a comment.  In your comment, please
  • Name your One Book, and
  • Explain why you would choose it over every other book in the world, to go with you around the globe.  (You can be as long, passionate, and flowery as you like.)  
  • Important:  Either in your comment or in a private message via Blogger (or The Book Florist Facebook page), please leave a link or email address that I can contact you on, in the event that you win the challenge.  
  • Each response to the challenge will have its own special feature on Bouquets of Sharpened Pencils.  Please take the time to read and comment on other people's entries.  This is a chance to share and talk about things that are exciting and special to us.


  • The winner will be chosen on Monday the 15th of April.  That gives you a little under 2 weeks to enter.  
  • The winner will be drawn from a hat.  (I will see if I can possibly film the name-drawing ceremony for you, but it will require some technical fiddling.  We'll just have to see.)
  • I will unveil the winner on Bouquets of Sharpened Pencils on the 15th and contact him/her via the link or email address that they left me in their private message. 


  • The prize will be the winner's choice of any one of the 'One Books' entered into the competition.  (Therefore, the more entries, the better the range of choice will be for the winner.)
  • In a private message, the winner and I will arrange an address for their prize to be mailed to.  I will also be adding a hand-drawn original watercolour card of congratulations to the winner's package.  


  • Get everyone you know - your mum and dad, your grandma, your next-door neighbour - to enter!  The more entires, the better the range of prizes to choose from for the winner!
  • Please show respect and appreciation for each entry, and take some time to respond to them.  
  • Pay attention to other people's entries.  You might discover a new book that you would be interested in reading, or a new author that's right up your ally!

Good luck all!  I'll post an entry of my own this week to get the ball rolling on our very first challenge with a prize!

The One Book Challenge!!!
(Drawing copyright The Book Florist 2013)


  1. Unfortunately choosing just ONE BOOK as a 'globe-trotting companion' became a little difficult around about as-soon-as-I-started-thinking :P That said my single story has become a little list - Enjoy :D
    1. First would be 'Life the Universe and Everything' by Douglas Adams, simply because it's my FAVORITE book XD
    2. Our family recipe book for when foreign cuisine brings you down and you need a tast of home :)
    3. Or finally 'Around the World in 80 Days' so I could follow the events of the book and make sure I see the sights - but still get back home on time :)

  2. Cheeseballs :PApril 04, 2013

    That is a very difficult question to answer. However, I keep thinking back to this set of books (that have been combined into one book, which I would take with me on the trip) that I absolutely love! They are Deltora Quest, by Emily Rodda. She is my favourite Children's books author. The Deltora Quest books are so fun and adventurous, and I can read them over and over again, and enjoy them more each time. They are so full of exciting quests (aha) and danger, and they have beautiful character relationships. These books are a genuine example of good verses evil. I love them!!!!

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  4. Sommer HolidayApril 06, 2013

    If I could only choose one book for a holiday around the would it be a book that I'd always like to read no matter what time of day or weather.
    I would choose any stories by Meg Cabot e.g.
    Airhead, Being Nikki (airhead 2),Runway(airhead 3) Prom nights from hell, Size 12 is not fat, teen idol, All american girl and how to be popular.

  5. My choice is:
    The Little Prince
    by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
    The Little Prince is packed with life lessons. It highlights the dangers of adult intellectualism-emotional apathy that misses living holistically in open eyed wonder. Firstly, there is the story of childhood artistic expression. Secondly, the lessons of consuming adult professions, thirdly, the story of love and friendship from the red fox allowing himself to be tamed. Fourthly, the catastrophe of the baobabs trees illustrating the need to take care of little things before they overwhelm. And lastly the importance of time is the gift we have right now.
    The Little Prince is packed with insight, wonder and realisation, to live is to fully engage. This book calls the reader to revisit yearly. It’s a profound rich dialogical narrative of life’s experiences. You find yourself reading out loud, it stirs sound and visual kinesis. Like being in a living pop-up book, one is swept away; reawaken to your expanded consciousness, of early childhood memories.


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