Thursday, April 4

One Book Challenge - Life, the Universe, and Everything

We have our first entry to the One Book Challenge!  

Reader, Hoodie, answers the challenge question: 

If you were only allowed to take ONE BOOK with you on a long, round-the-world trip, what book would it be, and why? 
Unfortunately choosing just ONE BOOK as a 'globe-trotting companion' became a little difficult around about as-soon-as-I-started-thinking :P 
That said my single story has become a little list - Enjoy :D 
1. First would be 'Life the Universe and Everything' by Douglas Adams, simply because it's my FAVOURITE book xD 
2. Our family recipe book for when foreign cuisine brings you down and you need a taste of home :) 
3. Or finally 'Around the World in 80 Days' so I could follow the events of the book and make sure I see the sights - but still get back home on time :) 
Thankyou Hoodie for your entry!  I know it's so hard to trim your favourites down to just one book,  but Douglas Adams is an incredible writer, and would undoubtedly make a hilarious and whacky travelling companion.  

I also think that bringing a recipe book, for a taste of home, is such a lovely idea.  I suppose it's that sort of thing that I first thought of when I was considering this tricky challenge question.  A book that can recreate a sense of 'Home' no matter where in the world you wander.  Thanks again!  

So, don't forget to post your entry in the comments section of the One Book Challenge post.  Just follow the link, and answer the challenge question to be in the running.  

The challenge finishes on Monday the 15th of April so hurry!  The more entries, the greater the range of prizes the winner will have to choose from.  

Hoodie's One Book is Prize Option 1.  Read more about Douglas Adam's Life, the Universe and Everything on  Just follow the link!  

Prize Option 1: Life, the Universe and Everything
(Hoodies' One Book)

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