Friday, April 5

One Book Challenge - Deltora Quest

Reader, Cheeseballs, has entered our One Book Challenge, answering the question:

If you were only allowed to take ONE BOOK with you on a long, round-the-world trip, what book would it be, and why?
That is a very difficult question to answer. However, I keep thinking back to this set of books (that have been combined into one book, which I would take with me on the trip) that I absolutely love! They are Deltora Quest, by Emily Rodda. She is my favourite Children's book author. The Deltora Quest books are so fun and adventurous, and I can read them over and over again, and enjoy them more each time. They are so full of exciting quests (aha) and danger, and they have beautiful character relationships. These books are a genuine example of good verses evil. I love them!!!! 
Thankyou so much Cheeseballs, for your entry.  At the nagging of my little brother, I read Deltora Quest a while ago, and I loved them too.  I know what you mean about the great character relationships.  I always enjoyed the characters' interactions - they were so well written.  Rodda is definitely a master of adventure.  Thanks again for taking the time to share your love for these brilliant stories.  

So, don't forget to post your entry in the comments section of the One Book Challenge post.  Just follow the link, and answer the challenge question to be in the running.  

The challenge finishes on Monday the 15th of April so hurry!  The more entries, the greater the range of prizes the winner will have to choose from.  

Deltora Quest Book One: The Forests of Silence is Prize Option 2. Read more about Emily Rodda's Deltora Quest at  Just follow the link!  

Prize Option 2: Deltora Quest 1: The Forests of Silence
(Cheeseballs' One Book)

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