Monday, April 15

The Winner of the One Book Challenge

I have just drawn the winner of our One Book Challenge:

Hoodie, with his One Book Life, the Universe and Everything by Douglas Adams!!!

Congratulations Hoodie for your success in Bouquets of Sharpened Pencils' very first challenge with a prize!!!  Expect a very special prize package coming your way soon!  

I would also like to give a humungous thankyou to all the readers who participated in this challenge.  Your eagerness to get involved makes it possible to do super fun things like this every now and then.

If you would like to read any of the entries to the One Book Challenge, follow the links below!  

Just because the challenge is over doesn't mean you've missed your chance to talk about your favourite book!  I always love to hear about your reading and writing lives.  So please feel free to share your passion in a comment.  

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