Sunday, April 7

One Book Challenge - Airhead by Meg Cabot

I'm pleased to say that we're going pretty well for our very first challenge and prize, so far!  Read the entries so far and don't forget to enter yourself, before Monday the 15th of April.  

Reader, Sommer Holiday, responds to our One Book Challenge question:

If you were only allowed to take ONE BOOK with you on a long, round-the-world trip, what book would it be, and why? 

If I could only choose one book for a holiday around the would it be a book that I'd always like to read no matter what time of day or weather.  I would choose any stories by Meg Cabot e.g.Airhead, Being Nikki (airhead 2),Runway(airhead 3) Prom nights from hell, Size 12 is not fat, teen idol, All american girl and how to be popular.

Thankyou so much, Sommer Holiday, for your entry!  Your love of Meg Cabot's books is making me think it's about time to finally get around to reading The Princess Diaries.  I'm glad to hear that you recommend her work!  

Don't forget to post your entry in the comments section of the One Book Challenge post.  Just follow the link, and answer the challenge question to be in the running.  

The challenge finishes on Monday the 15th of April so hurry!  The more entries, the greater the range of prizes the winner will have to choose from.  

Sommer Holiday's One Book, Airhead, is Prize Option 4.  Read more about Meg Cabot's Airhead on  Just follow the link!

Prize Option 4: Airhead by Meg Cabot
(Sommer Holiday's One Book)

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