Saturday, April 20

Reading in the Bath is Terrific

Normally librarians say R.I.B.I.T.  = "Reading In Bed Is Terrific".  

But I think R.I.B.I.T. = "Reading In the Bath Is Terrific!!!"

Unfortunately, we missed the international Reading in the Bathtub Day (9th of February).  I didn't know it even existed until this morning.  But I can't possibly be made to wait until next year to talk about it.  

Obviously all readers have their own special tips and rules for reading in the bath, but I wanted to share mine.  


1.  Towels
I try to keep a towel very close at hand just in case!  If I start to read while I'm still filling up the bath, I like to drape the edge of the towel over my knees as a protective barrier from splashes.

2.  Library Books
I do not object to reading library books in the bath, as terrible as this may sound.  Usually library books have a hard laminate on them, which means that if they do get splashed, they can be easily wiped dry.  However, I would never take a heavy, excessively large or floppy, or valuable book in the bath, for obvious reasons.  

3.  Poetry and Short Chapters
Even though I'm not a big poetry reader at all, I find poems are great for bathtub reading!  Because they're short, I can contentedly finish reading one before that warm, sleepy bathtime feeling makes it impossible for me to concentrate.  Similarly, books with short chapters are brilliant, too.


The first book I ever read in the bath was Watership Down which I thought was absolutely hilarious and coincidental because it had the word "water" in the title.  Since then, my most memorable bathtub reads have been The Penguin Book of Romantic Poetry, (especially the works of Keats), and the Harry Potter series.  

So, what are your favourite books to read in the bath?  

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  1. Unfortunately, we missed the international Reading in the Bathtub Day (9th of February). I didn't know it even existed until this morning. How to read fast


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