Tuesday, July 5

The Winner is Announced

Remember the Open Sesame Challenge?  Yes.  Well.  It obviously didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped.  Partially because only one person besides myself contributed an entry, and partially because only one person voted.  But thankyou extremely to those two people for your contribution because otherwise it would have been just me...  which would have been kind of lame...

Anyway.  The Open Sesame Challenge has been closed for entries for a while, and the voting closed a couple of days ago.  I am very pleased to announce that (because there was only one vote), Changesofheart's entry was the inanimous winner!  Her entry was the introduction to Love Poems from God.  Here it is again for you to read:

'I hope a few of these poems will reach in deep enough to cure what separates us from each other, and from the beautiful. I hope you fall into this wine barrel and crawl out legally drunk, and get arrested for doing something that makes God proud of you, like being too happy.'

There you go.  Changesofheart's entry was voted as the most 'interesting' opening to a book, and I agree that it is very sweet and funny, isn't it.  It's a worthy winner.  

I just hope, though, that next time I hold a challenge like the Open Sesame Challenge that more of you will participate, because it ends up a tad flat otherwise.  What sort of challenges would you like to participate in?  I have plenty of ideas for challenges, but I don't feel that it's worthwhile unless more people get up and add to it.  I don't suppose you would be more interested if there was a prize...?  Take care, and thankyou very much to Changesofheart and Themanycoloursofhappiness for your contribution! 

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