Friday, July 1

Lethargy of the Soul

Hello, my dears. I haven't really had anything much to mention the last couple of days, and what with Blogger not functioning properly last night, there’s been a bit of silence at my end. I suppose, however, that you're desperate to hear that I finished a book, started another one, went to the library, sat in bed reading for hours, and worked a couple of shifts. Yes, extraordinarily exciting, I know.

Well, in review, I did finish Frankenstein, which I was glad to finally put to bed, as I found that the slow pace managed to slacken the tension a bit too much. So that is that. I have a book which I am having to read for an assignment, (yes, over the holidays), which I would really rather not be reading, but am surprisingly finding quite interesting. I mean, interesting as I can sit and munch whole chapters of it in one mouthful, rather than interesting as in I actually like the story line, or characters, or subject matter or anything like that. To be most brutally frank, it is a modern teen fiction novel, and the gags are all aimed at the 'snottiness' of mean girls and the 'uncoolness' of parents.

I got The War of the Worlds out, so I will start reading it soon. Uughh. That means that I'll be intermingling two books at once, and I don't like doing that. But I'll have absolutely nothing to say if I don't read it.

Hmmm. Well I really don't have much else to say! I’m going to see an optometrist next week, and hopefully brushing my hair regularly is going to promote some super-quick sneaky growth, to counter-attack my tragic haircut. Without assignments, friends and books bouncing about in my face, there is very little inspiration! Oh, the horror! Can you stand it?

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  1. Thanks for your comment :) Wow, you will be doing pretty much exactly what I am doing, except in the reverse order! I do think that you'll love it, I really do. University is SO different to college/high school. I personally hated both. I think the learning at uni is much more independent, and you are taught by people who are experts in the field. Being a writer or opening a book store sounds amazing! I think that if people work hard enough then they can achieve anything :) I'm hoping anyway, or I am in for a world of disappointed! I'm glad that you're choosing the study subjects that you are interested in, after six years of uni I realise just how important that is!


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