Monday, July 4

The Broadcast

Well, yesterday I suggested listening to Orson Welles 1938 radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds.  I listened to 20 minutes of it myself and am very impressed and delighted by the quality and ingenuity of the adaptation.  Here it is in its entirety for you to hear.  There are several ways to watch it on Youtube, but this was the only version that had the entire broadcast in one go, which I consider to be a lot more convenient than having to upload and select up to ten different clips.  It has pictures over the top, but really, you obviously only need to be able to hear it, not see it.  I hope that you enjoy it.  



  1. OH BOOK FLORIST! I've always wanted to listen to this! Thank you for finding it!! :-)

    Thank you also for all your lovely comments and support, I really do appreciate your words and keep all your comments (I get mine sent to my hotmail inbox; they're in a special confidence boosting folder!). Oh I do hope this commenting button works today!

    I've been blogging since late Dec of last year, it has been wonderful having you along for the ride!

    Keep smiling and do keep up your good work :-)

    lots of love, Nanny S-A xxx

  2. YEY IT WORKED!! :-) xxx


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