Monday, July 11

I Can See Clearly Now

Well, I have a bit of news for you!  I officially need glasses.  Now, here's the case.  I apparently have astigmatism in both eyes, which is a fairly common 'defect'. 

a·stig·ma·tism - (noun) 1.  A defect in the eye or in a lens caused by a deviation from spherical curvature, which results in distorted images, as light rays are prevented from meeting at a common focus.

Thankyou to our good friend, Google, for this incredibly precise and enlightening account of 'astigmatism'.  Now, the deal is that I can wear the glasses pretty well all the time, but their especial use is for when I am reading, in class or watching movies, as it will make near and far writing clearer and help to prevent headaches induced by long periods of movie watching, as I have sometimes experienced. 

To be honest, I am really looking forward to it.  The frame I've chosen is very quirky and suits my face.  Actually, the word I'm searching for is 'jaunty'.  I actually spent almost an hour in the optomitrist's after my appointment, trying and retrying all the prototype frames on, until I had narrowed it down to a potential three.  After that, it was trying those three on again and again until I had narrowed it down to two.  I then spent forever switching between the finalists and posing and smiling until I emerged with the victor.  I would love to be able to describe the winner for you, but I don't remember the brand, leaving you with only the colour brown to contemplate.  I'll get them in a couple of days, and then I can give you a better idea. 

I don't remember having had an eye check... ever... though I think I probably would have had one in early primary school - the same sort of deal as the dental van.  It was a funny sort of process.  Before the optomitrist was ready, the receptionist took me to a seperate room for a very basic test which involved looking through a machine at a little circular picture of a hot air balloon.  Then I was back in the waiting room.

While I was sitting and waiting, a young university aged student came in and started chatting with the receptionist.  He began telling her this story, and I, sitting innocently in my chair was dragged helplessly along for the ride.  When he had first bought his transition lense glasses, a mate of his had shared his secret with him - if you're wearing sunglasses, "hot chicks" can't tell if you're "checking out their rack".  Yes.  The exact words.  It was about now that I began to find it very difficult to keep a straight face.  Apparently, while wearing his transition lense glasses at the beach, he had bumped into a "very hot chick", remembered his friend's little secret, and spent some time talking to her with his eyes plastered on her unsuspecting breasts.  It was when she had suddenly stopped talking, given him a disgusted glare and stormed down the beach that he took off his glasses to discover that they hadn't blacked out fully.  It was about now that I was having a lot of trouble keeping from laughing loudly in the empty waiting room. 

Anyway, on a more general note, tomorrow is the beginning of semester two and my thoughts are a mingled mash of excitement and slight dread.  I think that overall, I will enjoy getting back into the routine, and I will certainly enjoy being around people again.  Though I adapted quickly to the quiet and habit of holidays, returning to classes full of real live kicking people will be fun.  Take care.


  1. because i am greek i usually understand all kinds of medical terms - they are usually greek or latin- which is not any better thn google them... good luck withyour new semester : )

  2. Thankyou Demie, and thankyou very much for following my blog! Start of semester two was refreshing and it was great to see everyone again. Hope you enjoy reading my rambles and that you will be able to share your own thoughts as we go. Thanks and take care.

  3. First of all, "Hi!" :)

    I got here, thanks to my good friend [our 'mutual' friend] Karishma's [Tangled Up In Blue] blog, and the comment you posted in there, on her latest post, "There is a Light that never goes out..."

    And I must confess that I'm happy that I'm here. Such a wonderful blog, you've got! :)

    But what really swept me off my feet was reading your self-description ["About Me"]. You know what, I too am a passionate student of literature....and as I usually do while introducing myself to people, let me rephrase Chekhov, "Literature is my lawful wife and cinema my mistress; when I get tired of one, I spend the night with the other." :)

    Another coincidence....let me quote my facebook status update, dated 11th May, 2011 -->

    "Dearest Meg Ryan, I can't help watching "You've Got Mail" over & over & over again....I can't help falling for Kathleen. Everything about her is just so overwhelmingly....sweet! As Joe (played by an equally endearing Tom Hanks) remarks, "This is possibly the most adorable creature I've ever been in contact with." The way she talks, moves, gestures, gazes, smiles....I JUST CAN'T HELP IT!! Could there be a 'life-size'?? :("

    This was my immediate reaction after watching "You've Got Mail". Such a beautiful romantic-comedy, isn't it? Therefore, you could easily imagine why I was instantly drawn to your 'Bouquet Of Sharpened Pencils'. :)

    Two years of blogging has been one among the best things to have happened in my life. It's been a journey of self-discovery & enrichment, thanks to the great company of extraordinary friends like Karishma....and I believe that finding your blog is yet another milestone in this wonderful voyage.

    Finally, I envy you for the glasses! A defective eye is one impairment I would love to have....only because the remedy is greatly tempting. Glasses make people look much more grave, important, dignified & intellectual, don't they? B-)

    Any way, pleased to meet you.


    P.S --
    "RAIN" -- that's my blog. Do drop in, only when you've nothing better to do! TC. :)


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