Thursday, July 28

Captain of the Future

Well it's that time of year.  You're all a fair bit older than me, I think, so you've probably been through this before, and felt the agonies yourself.  It is school captain nomination time. 

Did any of you go for it?  I was never a hundred percent certain whether I would or not.  You see, I value just being able to do my work, sit down at lunch to chat with my friends, enjoy my freetime, do my homework, and extra-curricular activities - that is, anything that encroaches on my large but much needed bludge time - has been avoided to as great an extent as possible during the last year and a half.  But I think that as everyone started talking, something started stirring deep in the caves and crannies within me. 

School captain.  Now wouldn't that just tick the final box on my list of Creepily-Nerdy-Things-For-Goody-Two-Shoes-Teacher's-Pets-To-Do-At-School.  Yes.  It would.  That side of me is very simply stereotyped.  Thank goodness it is not the only side of me.  But the thing is with that, that if I don't do it, thank my creepily nerdy, goody-two-shoes, teacher's pet lifestyle at school will have been left incomplete.  School captaincy might not affect things too hugely in later life, but an incomplete adolescence will be hard to repair in the past.  

That and other things.  
  1. There are some people going for the position besides myself and some of my close friends (whom I would gleefully welcome as school captain), whom I really really REALLY WITH A VENGEANCE do NOT want to get it.  The sort of people that you would go for the position just to stop them from getting it. 
  2. I am acually really not that bad at all at orals, and public speaking, like as a school captain, would be something I would both be good at and quite enjoy. 
  3. Peer pressure.
  4. Expectation.
  5. It's a pretty obvious decision.
  6. I am on very good terms with my teachers and I think that this in itself gives me a decent chance.
  7. All the guys that I know going for male captain are good friends of mine, and very nice, and it would be just delightful working with them. 
  8. And then of course I can make a difference.  I especially feel the need for mental health strategies for teenagers, particularly in reagards to developing coping skills and providing support for stress, depression and anxiety.  Because obviously being at high school there's a lot of stress, depression and anxiety. 
Anyway, my nomination form has to be handed in tomorrow, and the speech must be made in just over a week's time.  I definitely will not post it until after I have made it, because I have good reason to suspect some of my contenders to spy on my blog in case I were to do such a stupid thing. 


  1. I say go for it, it sounds perfect for you! You're wonderful with words and you are looking to make a difference :) That makes for a pretty great school-captain I think!

  2. I agree; GO FOR IT. You're a good writer and I'm sure the school body could use some productivity and excitement without the board. There's nothing to loose. We only loose when we don't go for what we wanted... ;-)

  3. Haha! Thankyou both very much. I'm really happy that you believe in me so much. It's a very sweet knowledge. Take care.


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