Sunday, July 24

Capture Every Minute

Do you know those hopeless hopeless incredible days when you are bored out of your brain and moody like an old goose or a frumpy puppy with big gangly paws, and you just want to hug Mum forever?  I don't want to read, I don't want to do my writing activity.  I abhor the idea of watching TV.  So instead I'm sitting in my room.  I'm wearing my stripy silky pajama pants, my fluffy socks, my jumper and my fluffy chinelle loving me to death scarf and sobbing outrageously every time the chorus of "Slipping Through My Fingers" by ABBA plays.  I can make it through the verses fine, and then the chorus plays, that beautiful, catchy, soft, sad, sweet chorus and I completely break down.  I must look like a mess right now.  But I just want to be here crying like this.  Painfully and passionately in silence and solitude, to "Slipping Through My Fingers".  Stuff high heels and dresses and beauty.  This is what being a girl is about.  Capture every minute with me.

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