Thursday, May 19

My Tad Eccentric New Hobby

Do you know what is extremely frustrating?  When I had it all planned out exactly what I wanted to say tonight, and I even had a youtube clip and everything and then I couldn't insert the clip.  Don't get me wrong!  I do know how to - for some reason, it just wasn't recognizing the url, and all the clips on the same topic were extremely dodgy, and completely defeated the purpose of showing you at all! 

In response to Deidre's lovely comment, I am not really all that much of a poetry or short story person, either.  It's just some poetry that I enjoy.  A lot of poetry I find redundant and annoying, and short stories I find quite aggravating!  Who can really be bothered to sit down and read a short story?  I really can't!  A short book, yes, of course.  I welcome you with open arms.  But short stories end so quickly so that you go "no, that's stupid - really?" when they introduce a brilliant concept just to let it flop in the most pathetic way possible after two pages. 

I have, however, discovered an absolutely fantastic new hobby!  It's a tad eccentric, but I gave it a go this morning sitting in a parked car.  I had a book of Henry Kendall poems in my hands and I was reading it aloud with all the feeling and passion I could muster...   Right over the top of symphony orchestra pieces on the radio. 

Oh!  It is so great!  The music seems to reach its glorious climax right as the poem does, and I proclaimed the sweet words zealously above the strains!  I was seriously having so much fun.  I couldn't stop laughing - it just sounded so wonderful, and was such fun.  You know, I think that is something that I could do every morning.  It puts you in the greatest of moods!  It just has to be poetry that you like the sound of, because I can't imagine it would be at all fun with boring, bland, redundant poetry.  And I suppose you could always use prose, too, but poetry has definite rhthym and it flows with music so well!

One of my friends, upon being explained how fun this activity is, declared that they would imagine it to be like talking over a telescreen.  This was a reference to the racuous and perpetuous telescreens from George Orwell's 1984.  And this is of course a very negative conotation.  That seriously annoyed me.  Ah well.  Nearly all of my joys are entirely my own.  I thought is was brilliant, and I will definitely be doing it again tomorrow.  So if anyone is driving along the road and sees a random brunette locked up in a car laughing herself silly, a book in her hand and the booming refrains of the orchestra pulsing about her...  it's me.  It could be you too, you know. 

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  1. That is a wonderful idea! I love it!!! I too am not much of a poetry person. Some really touches me..but a lot I find quite dull. Maybe it's because so much awful poetry is published! I love some short stories though, I write a lot of them. But the only short stories that seem to get anywhere tend to be overly dramatic without any new theme.


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