Monday, May 30

A Red Leap into The Arrival

Each time that I open it, The Arrival by Shaun Tan makes me gasp with surprise and delight.  If you have seen this book before, I assure you, it is high time to march yourself down to the library and borrow it!  So do!  The pictures are stunning!  It has not words, but the pictures so beautifully articulate every pulsating emotion and trembling utterance that no words are wanted.  It is a truly remarkable experience. 

The Arrival has been adapted into a...  I suppose it is really a 'play' by the Red Leap Theatre group of New Zealand.  I have posted two videos showing scenes from this play.  The first goes fro three minutes, and shows little snatches, while the second goes for ten minutes, and allows for a deeper peek at the performance.  I was first shown this by my drama teacher, who is also very passionate about this book.  It exudes exactly the whimsical and quirky atmosphere that dusts the pages of the book. 

For a quick peek..

or for a considerably longer peek...

After peeking either way, are you feeling intrigued?  I plan to share as many of the visual conventions of my process drama assignment based on the concepts of The Arrival as possible within the next week, (it's due in less than a week), and hopefully, after taking such a small sip from Shaun Tan's cup, you'll be licking your lips and borrowing the book!  I am so sure that you'll enjoy it.  Words or no words, a book-lover will be lovingly enfolded in the story the pictures tell. 

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