Wednesday, May 25

Back to Banjo

You know what?  After all my hopping indecisively backwards and forwards on and off poets for my assignment, I have reached a grand revelation. 

I had originally shied away from Banjo Paterson because I felt that he was the obvious choice.  Everyone would think of doing him!  Why would I stoop to follow convention!  I am unconventional!

I chose Henry Kendall.  For a while, it seemed a brilliant idea.  I adored his poems.  They were flowing and milky and crammed with delightful little alliterated phrases that tingled on your tongue, but in all truth, his poetry was too British in style and wording.  However beautifully written and gorgeous to read, it doesn't convey that really Australian feel that is such a key part of this assignment. 

That was then my moment of revelation!  Banjo Paterson is the obvious choice because he is quintessential.  Banjo Paterson is the quintessential Australian poet!  His work exudes the Australian nature, the rugged, sunburnt beauty the world admires of our nation.  His poetry conveys the vital elements of our identity!

So that is where I am now.  Back to Banjo.  Rightly too.  I think that this is going to work very well, now I've got my head in the right place.

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  1. Well I guess he not so famous for nothing. Hope your assignment goes well. Do you ever consider that some school kid might be writing an assignment about you one day?


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