Wednesday, May 11

I've Been Duped!

I take it all back!  Oh dear!  I'm afraid I've been saying that The Woman in White isn't such a good book at all, but I've just come to a great and sudden revelation! 

For 400 pages, I've trotted along through the story, thinking to myself, "well, this is terribly unexciting.  When is something worth reading going to happen".  Then, on page 420, I got it.  Suddenly and painfully, the truth sprung out at me.  I've been played!  For 400 pages, wonderful Wilkie has been teasing - a move that might have lost some readers, but has claimed my respect and adoration with renewed fervour. 

For 400 pages, I've been frustrated by the slowness and the pathetic...ness of certain characters.  Well, I now know why.  He wanted me to feel just like Marian Halcombe, the narrator at the time.  She was in constant suspense, waiting for disaster, afraid for her sister's safety, distrustful of those about her.  It was all a long, drawn out build up!  I was made to feel just like the Marian, and now that the narrator has changed, and the danger is alive and active, I am emotionally involved on an intense level that I was completely unexpected.  Well, he is a very smart one. 

Eh bien, I am delighted that Wilkie has proved his ingenuity once again, I am still far from recommending.  I honestly don't think that there are very many people who could stand the 400 pages of build up, however great the ultimate effects.  Read The Moonstone and be delighted by the swiftest, most suspensesful and intriguing, witty and ingenious story line every woven by mortal mind!

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