Saturday, May 7

Dishing up the Humour

Oh, my dears, I have been nearly in tears over my stupid assignment!  I am finally in a kind of comfortable position on it now, I think, but it has been such a rough ride!  I've been watching all these Australian movies, and I watched this one last night called The Dish.  It was such a wonderful movie - not really because the story line was brilliant or anything like that, but because it was so sweet and funny.  It has all those themes of anti-authoritarian and self-mocking Australian humour.  Definitely a beautiful one.  It has Kevin and Angus from Seachange in it - two of my most favourite character of all times.  The lines are just gorgeous and cute.  There  you have my recommendation.  Anyway, I had better nip away and prepare a Mother's Day card!  Take care.

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