Thursday, May 12

The Elusive Idea

I'm trying so very hard here to create a process drama.  A process drama is a drama that is not completely scripted and designed like a play for example, but rather guided along by a framework of improvisations, role plays and dramatic activities (which are very many!).  To kick start a process drama can be as simple as presenting a group with something that they can think about, like a diary entry, a story etcetera etcetera.  Then the story is 'guided' along the framework to reach a certain end.  The improvisation side of it means that anything can happen, but it should have been designed in such a way that a certain end is likely to be achieved if the drama runs its course. It's not something for an audience to watch, but rather for the audience to do.  The group is the audience, the students and the participators all rolled into one.  It's a great concept, but very hard to explain!  And I am trying so very hard to create one. 

I have so many little thoughts, but none of them are sustainance enough to actually fuel an entire drama.  And most of my ideas have come out of books.  There's nothing to stop me from pulling out themes, scenes, characters, plots or whatever I like from a book or a movie if I want, but I'd sort of prefer to have the creativity to come up with something myself.  Is that realistic?  Maybe not. 

Ah well.  It's time to go to bed anyway.  I'm just a tad stressed out about this though.  Once I get started, it will be so enjoyable and interesting to write up.  It's just the ideas!  Why are they so elusive?

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