Sunday, May 22

The Coolest of Cucumbers

I haven't been getting all that much time to read lately.  I've had too many other things on the agenda this weekend.  Observe:
  1. Sleeping in til 8:30.  (It felt so much later than that when I was lying in bed listening to everyone rushing about downstairs!)
  2. Eating. 
  3. Being in denial about study.
  4. Peeking at my study.
  5. Being in denial about study.
  6. Checking my inbox (empty like a fish bowl after the fish has been flushed down the toilet).  All part of being in denial.
  7. Battling guilt for being in denial.  (It all catches up with you eventually.)
  8. Sitting down at the impersonal family computer to attempt some study.
  9. Achieveing minimal amount of study before using yoghurt as an avoidance strategy.  (Not as easy as it sounds.)
  10. Being in denial about my study.
  11. Eating.
  12. Dancing in my underwear to "Walking on Sunshine".  (Still in denial.)
  13. Going to work.
  14. Work. 
  15. Returning from work.
  16. Eating.
  17. Showering.  More "Walking on Sunshine". 
  18. Reading Frances Whiting's glorious editorial column about internet kissing simulators. (In utter denial.)
  19. Checking my emails (Two brand new goldfish to overfeed!)
  20. Blogging.  (Ah!  The joys of denial!)
Yes, well as you see, denial is the reoccuring theme in today's agenda!  No time to read The Woman in White at all!

It is truly amazing how stressful denial can be, even though the whole point of denial is to avoid doing something stressfull?  It's savage irony.  One side of my mind is tricking the other into thinking that it deserves some to be in denial because it's had burn out the last three weeks.  But no matter how well-noted and considerate this idea is, I know that the sooner I get everything done, the sooner I can chill among the coolest of cucumbers.  Of course, for the greater good of my mental health, a few minutes of unashamed denial could be arranged!


  1. Loved your post - very funny. Yes, denial is a deceitful creature - a bit like a decadent dessert ie Chocolate Gateau I'd say. It entices us with its irresistable appearance & aroma,& promises a lot, but once you indulge, it can leave you feeling sick, guilty & a few kgs heavier! A little now & then is OK but the more of a habit we make it, the worse the outcome!

  2. Oh wow, I can completely relate to this! Procrastination really is the most stressful thing, even if I don't do any study at all I feel so overworked! Good luck with it all :)


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