Friday, January 6

Stephen Fry and Sherlock Holmes

Goodmorning!  I woke up this morning, having freshly and officially survived another birthday.  It's slightly surreal.  My family has a tradition of spending every birthday evening looking back over the albums of baby photos of the birthday person.  Even though I've looked at those photos once a year for as long as I've lived, I always experience new wonderment at the fact that I've grown up, that my parents have actually kept me alive all this time, and more and more, that they love me.  It's really fantastic, actually.  I feel I owe them a lot - obviously - but still. 

From my parents I was given All Things Wise and Wonderful which is the last book in James Herriot's trilogy.  It is hardcover what's more, and I am so excited to read it.  It might take me a while, though, to begin, because I also dread finishing his books entirely and having to mourn him for good.

Another product of the birthday festivities is a bag chock full of lollies, won from the pass-the-parcel and trivia quizz that we play traditionally on birthdays.  However, combined with those won on my sister's birthday, two days before mine, my lollie-stash is now ridiculously full and tempting.  It consisted of Maltesers, mini-Whitaker coconut-slabs, zombie chews, sherbet sticks, Fizzer, jelly pencils, coke bottles, Starburst lollipops, and Redskins.  Mmmmm. 
I went and saw the new Sherlock Holmes film in cinemas yesterday, which was also very conveniently and coincidentally its opening day.  I would like the make you very aware that even though the first fifteen minutes may make you feel dubious as to whether it will live up to the almighty expectations set by the books and even the first film, it ends up being an absolutely spectacular movie.  It incorporates plenty of the stories and ends with The Final Problem.  In regards to cinemaphotography, it is beautifully pieced together and has that great atmosphere from the first, including camera work, flash forwards, narrations, slow-motion sequences etcetera.  It really is great.  Very chuffed.  Oh, and of course, Stephen Fry is Stephen Fry, which I think is enough said. 

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  1. Belated Birthday wishes to you, Book Florist! And I saw Sherlock Holmes too and I liked this one much better than the first movie actually! And it was a real genius piece of casting to get Stephen Fry playing Mycroft. :)

    Hope you have a simply fabulous new year ahead! :)


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